Urban Strategies and Ken Greenberg Study found that the mercantile area of Park Street works well by operating as a Special District which will help maintain the Streetscape Project.

The Park Street Special Services District (PSSSD) is a special public/private partnership in which property owners within a district pay an additional real estate tax, which is collected by the city on their behalf, for use in promoting and improving the business area. The PSSSD delivers services for the district beyond what the city can reasonably be expected to provide. The goal and objectives of the district is to organize the business community to work more effectively to promote economic development by providing services in addition to those already provided by the city to benefit the district.

Additionally, SAMA has a Park Street Ambassador who is responsible for walking the street and addressing the following issues:

  • Minor level security situation and might contact the police when needed
  • Bulky waste
  • Graffiti
  • Street garbage
  • Checks for garbage can overflow
  • Assistance to pedestrians when looking for a particular business address

Furthermore, the Ambassador reports to the Small Business Specialist of Park Street. The importance of the Ambassador is to keep the district abreast of possible situations that might take place and need immediate attention.

A board of commissioners, which is composed of 6 property owners and 3 lessees, determines the services to be provided and develops an annual budget. The SSD budget is funded by an additional mill rate included in the city’s annual budget.

Park Street Special Services District
Park Street SSD City of Hartford Municipal Code
Park Street Implementation and Action Plan 2011