SAMA is a non profit organization that was founded in 1982 and incorporated in the State of Connecticut in 1992 by a group of Hispanic Merchants to provide small business owners with the opportunity to have a rewarding and financially independent career.

Today SAMA has offices offering these services throughout Connecticut. SAMA with more than 500 members provides technical assistance, educational programs, and loan programs for their members.

The backbone of SAMA is the local small businesses, as well as those entrepreneurs and professionals that make up the general membership.

Are you a member?

All SAMA members are small business owners, professionals, and trade: local non-profit organization, and corporate sector. The annual membership is $225.00 for small business owners, professionals, and trade. $1,000 for corporations.

MEMBERSHIPWhat are the benefits of SAMA membership?

ADVOCACY & EDUCATION – SAMA members gain exclusive participation in SAMA initiatives for advocacy and education on those policy issues that affect you as small business.

TRAINING – SAMA members receive training free of charge ot training discount. For training schedule click here.

REGULAR NEWS & UPDATES – Members receive all SAMA publications, including the SAMA quarterly Newsletter. SAMA members keep us informed of exciting news, programs, and accomplishments. There is opportunity to be featured in e-newsletters such as SAMA News. Be sure to visit the interactive calendar from the home page for upcoming events throughout the state.

ACCESS TO SMALL BUSINESS LOANS -Members gain access to revenue generating opportunities through our loan programs. For information and requirement, click here.

NETWORK – SAMA Annual Banquet is the largest networking venue for Hispanic business and private sector interested in the Hispanic market. We invite SAMA members and affiliates to participate at the Banquet and numerous other programs throughout the year at a discounted rate.

LIFE INSURANCE – Life insurance is an essential resource. SAMA, through its insurance partners offers life insurance products to member families and businesses. SAMA and the partners are committed to offering our members a greater access to the essential tools of prosperity. These company insurances are fully bilingual and offer a full range of life insurance products and services.

Contact SAMA Membership Services
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