Through funding provided by the City of Hartford and the State of Connecticut, SAMA was able to implement through the PSSD, programs projects to enhance Park Street, such as:


SAMA has been working with the City Façade for over 20 years now. In 2006 SAMA speared headed the first façade project for the Park Street area. Ex-Governor Rell headed that effort and awarded through binding One (1) million dollars to bring about the first façade to be managed by SAMA.

The façade project is located between Hungerford and Oak Streets. SAMA remodeled five buildings façades with the Old San Juan, Puerto Rico flavor. An architect came from the island to show us how the Old San Juan look would fit into Park Street (Little Puerto Rico) which is a predominantly Latino neighborhood. The façades located now on Park Street allow us to have a little piece of Puerto Rico right here in the USA.

SAMA has continued to push for more community development for this mercantile corridor which let to Governor Malloy, Lt. Governor Wyman, State Senator Fonfara and State Representative Gonzalez to aggressively support SAMA’s efforts to get new money from bidding to bring the corridor to completion. SAMA has been recently awarded 4.7 million dollars to complete the façade efforts that began a few years ago. Some of this money will be also used for the Camera Project.

Camera Project:
The Camera Project was possible thanks to the support of Governor Real that provided us with One Million Dollars to from the Biding dollars to do the Camera Pilot Project.

For more information about these projects, to request services for your business on Park Street or to participate in any of the Park Street events, please contact us at 860-278-5825.